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New Team Sport ZONE BALL

Now you can play a brand new sport created by Steve Strangio.  

ZONE BALL is a fast-paced, co-ed team sport that features a unique A-shaped goal located in the center of the arena. This non-contact game features familiar running and throwing aspects of many other sports while creating a whole new strategy for game playing. 

So how do you play?  A hand-held ball is dribbled, allowing for stopping and starting, and passed around until a team member can take a shot on goal. The A-Shaped goal is located in the center of the arena and features a hole in the center of each side’s backboard. This sport is played on foot in any sized indoor or outdoor roller hockey arena or turf playing field.

The game package version of Zone Ball is now available for purchase through the national Nasco catalog and also on their website Once there, search “Zoneball” to be taken to the listing.

Videos of this exciting new sport can be found at and you’ll learn the basics of the sport from creator Steve Strangio. Then you can check out action shots and tribute videos of the various players currently playing the game. Video and audio updates are added every week so you can follow along with the journey of how a new sport is created.

One of the unique aspects of Zone Ball is that people at any skill level of athletics can play it. If you can run and throw a ball, then you can play. There are even plans underway to create roller-skating and wheelchair athlete versions of the sport.

Zone Ball was created by writer/producer Steve Strangio. Steve produced live shows for the WWE and has written/produced many films, plays, television programs, internet video content, and interactive entertainment shows.

To see a video playlist of Zone Ball, go to Steve’s entertainment website at and click the Zone Ball logos at the bottom.

“Zone Ball is an exciting sport without being intimidating to people that have never been very athletic in the past,” stated Steve Strangio. “This sport is the first of ten new sports I’ve created and it’s easily the most fun I’ve ever had. The Zone Ball goal is an entirely new creation and I can see players of all ages getting involved with the game. Social sports are really big right now and I feel that Zone Ball is a great way to have fun, get some exercise, and be involved in something exciting.”

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Steve Strangio - Zone Ball Creator

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Zone Ball is a very easy game to learn and it's a great cardio workout.

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        Zoneball is a brand new sport that can be played by all ages and is co-ed.

The goal is located in the center.

You advance the ball by dribbling and passing it to players.

              Once a goal is scored, the opposing team starts a drive at the outside line.    

          A shot on goal can earn your team 1 point, 2 points, or 3 points depending on the zone you shoot from.

Zone Ball is a fast-paced non-contact sport that can also be adapted to inline skates and wheelchair athletes.
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