What is Zone Ball?

Exciting New Team Sport!

You've seen it on ESPN, now you can own it! This is Zone Ball, a brand new non-contact team sport that improves coordination. You'll have so much fun, it won't even feel like exercise. Zone Ball is a challenging game with a low footprint created by Steve Strangio in Long Beach. One of the unique aspects of Zone Ball is that people at any skill level of athletics can play it. It can also be adapted to inline skates and wheelchair athletes. Be the one to bring the Zone Ball to your school, community center, backyard, or play street. Order yours today and if you have any questions contact us via the message form below.

How Do You Play?

Zone Ball is a fast-paced, co-ed team sport that features a unique A-shaped goal located in the center of the arena. This non-contact game features familiar running and throwing aspects of many other sports while creating a whole new strategy for game playing. 
A hand-held ball is dribbled, allowing for stopping and starting, and passed around until a team member can take a shot on goal. The A-Shaped goal is located in the center of the arena and features a hole in the center of each side’s backboard. This sport is played on foot in any sized indoor or outdoor roller hockey arena or turf playing field. Click here to check the Youtube playlist on how to play it.

Sign Up For Leagues

If you are interested in being part of the Zone Ball team leagues, NOW is the time to sign up! Pick-up leagues are forming right now and this is the perfect time to become a part of this brand new sport. Zone Ball is a very easy game to learn and it's a great cardio workout. Want to promote your business? Then work with us and create a team and we will feature you as one of our sponsors. Just have a group of friends and want to try something new? Then be a part of this. Contact us for more info on where to play.

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